2020 Tasty Treats

This is a delicious selection of 20 patterns and projects created especially for 2020. There are appliques, gifts, quilts and samplers and......!

Introductory video here.

Please click on each Tasty Treat (see below) for more information and a possible discount code - each product will have a 20% discount code that can be used before and during the running of that particular Tasty Treat.

Why not purchase them all? With a 20% discount code on the whole series, you could just enjoy receiving all these patterns without having to think about it!

There will be 20 different categories - there is some information below - even more information coming very soon.

The 2020 Tasty Treats program will start on 20th February, with new treats each month.

There will be short videos with each pattern.

 20th February 2020 Applique Flowers               &      House Sampler Blocks

 20th March 2020  Applique Trees                      &       Foundation Pieced Blocks

 20th April 2020  Applique Things That Go!        &       Pocket Book Pages

 20th May 2020  Applique In the Kitchen            &       2 1/2” strips

 20th June 2020  Applique Playroom                   &       20 Pin Cushions

 20th July 2020  Applique Yum!                            &        Christmas

 20th August 2020 Applique Cats                        &        20 Fat Quarters

 20th September 2020 Applique Houses             &       Leftovers Pantry

 20th October 2020 Applique Dogs                      &        Mini Mystery Quilt

 20th November 2020 Applique Sewing Room    &        Mini Pear Sampler Blocks

   Have fun in 2020!

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