20 Ideas rom the Leftovers Pantry - 2020 Tasty Treats - September

Digital Pattern - Download Instantly

More information soon.

This pattern is part of the 2020 Tasty Treats.

This is a downloadable pattern.

There are 20 x different Ideas using patchwork leftovers, each with a short video on how to make each pattern. Each day there is a new pattern for 20 days in a row. 

This Tasty Treat will start on 20th September 2020.

Please use discount code 20LP20 when purchasing to receive a 20% discount (so instead of $25, you will only pay $20). This code expires on 10th October 2020.

For your convenience, you may purchase the entire set of Tasty Treats (20) using the discount code 20ALL20 - to do this, please go here.

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