House Snax

Block of the Month - 9 blocks + 4 layouts. Layout 1 makes a 53" x 57" quilt; layout 2 makes a 59" square quilt; layout 3 makes a 51" square layout; layout 4 makes a 60" square quilt.

This product contains the patterns for each part and a shop pack giving fabric requirements, etc.

Choose the licence option that best suits you: 

    - 12 Copy Licence allows you to print up to 12 copies of this project for your store

    - 30 Copy Licence allows you to print up to 30 copies of this project for your store

    - Single Store Licence allows you to print unlimited copies of this project for your store. 

Note: this is not transferable and is for printed copies only not electronic copies.

This is a fantastic, economical way for you to run these monthly programs, either as classes or mail-out, or both! This block of the month would work well as a Saturday Snax Club where customers pay a nominal amount (possibly $5) to sign up then attend the first session, attending a short shop “new product” demo as well as a short demo of the block and take home their first block pack, including fabrics. They then are required to return each month to attend the session bringing with them their completed block and receive the next block pack free. Whilst this seems a lot of work for the shop, it brings customers in regularly and they are often tempted to purchase a new demonstrated product or some fabric etc as well as feeling they are receiving very good value from their local shop.