How to make a Lemoyne Star look alike block using 5" squares - Quilting Tips & Techniques 139

I have been busy travelling again! A wonderful visit to Scotland where my husband and I were fortunate to stay at a delightful Quilt Retreat/B&B, West Manse, for a few days where we ate magnificently and were housed wonderfully, thanks to the hosts Chris and Peter, and I was privileged to catch a glimpse of some of the local nightlife in the form of a pine marten which I understand is a fairly uncommon sight. On top of that, getting to know other quilters and actually doing some sewing myself, I had a really good time. We managed to get another tutorial filmed whilst there too, so here it is! This video shows how to use some 5" squares to make a block that looks like a Lemoyne Star. [youtube=]
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