What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015 - Coming very soon!

Registrations for the new mystery quilt, "What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015" will open on April 1st and stay open until the end of April. In May a "Box" will be mailed out to the registrants and in June we will solve the Mystery! Let's have some fun!

PopUp Container Shop on the Wellington Waterfront!

From mid January 2015 until 6th April 2015 I will be down on the Wellington Waterfront in a PopUp Container Shop, part of the PopUp Village on the Taranaki Wharf. There are a dozen small, 10 foot, containers on the Tarnaki Wharf, all containing a delightful variety of products produced by local people, such as quilting, skin care, hand painted T-shirts, delightful childrens wear, jewelry, hand carved greenstone, interior decor and so much more. So if you are in the area, do Pop in to the PopUp and say Hi! So far we have had the most amazing summer weather and with just a few weeks left we are hoping it will continue! We are there Wed - Sun, 12 - 5pm, weather permitting.