The Challenge!

This is so much fun! I was recently challenged by to make something, and a video, from the box of goodies, so here goes!I just love receiving the box each month, it is a monthly subscription, and this month was full of delicious fabrics from Andover and goodies from, so I have made a small Travel Project bag, there will be a pattern coming soon! [youtube]

Happy New Year!

Wow! Time is going so fast! We are enjoying a wonderful summer just now, with just enough days of less sunshine to remind us that we live in the land of the long white cloud! It does, of course, keep everything nice and green most of the time. I am very happy to welcome into the world two new grand babies, one local and one on the other side of the world. Such a great thing to become new parents and possibly even greater to become new grandparents! I have been fairly busy lately getting the Block of the Day 2016, That Town and Country Quilt, up and running with many enthusiastic quilters taking part and sharing their blocks on the dedicated Facebook group! It isn't too late to join in the fun, registration is on my website here: Below is a video of a sample block for the quilt. [youtube]

Quilty Box has arrived!

I am thrilled to have received a Quilty Box from! It arrived in my mail box, looking so innocent, however the inside is quite delicious! Thank you QuiltyBox. is something you can subscribe to, and in return they will send you a Quilty Box each month containing delicious new products - so exciting! So here is how it happened: quiltybox and then the opening began, the tension is mounting: opening will I ever see what's inside? nearlythere oh my goodness, all this packaging! whilst keeping everything safe, is preventing me from seeing what's inside! soexciting and there it is, lots of delicious goodies! awesomek and inside are some exciting new fabrics by Angela Walters, and also a book that she has co-authored that requires further reading, some fabulous Aurifil thread and acrylic templates for a drunkards path block, plus some interesting information. All in all, a scrumptious treat, thanks QuiltyBox.    

Introducing ........Block of the Day 2016 - That Town and Country Quilt

This video is an introduction to the new project for 2016, Block of the Day 2016, That Town and Country Quilt. This is going to be such a fun project making little applique blocks throughout the year and building up your own Town and Country! There is so much opportunity for embellishment and personalizing the blocks to make it you own! [youtube]

How to make some Quick & Fun Gift Bags from a Fat Quarter - Quilting Tips & Techniques 181

This video shows how to cut and make fun little gift bags starting with a fat quarter. Great idea to have on hand for those times when you need to wrap a gift, any time, any season, great for birthdays and special occasions. [youtube]

How to use some 2 1/2" x 5" strips to make a fun quilt - Quilting Tips & Techniques 180

This video shows how to use some 5" squares, cut in half, or 2 1/2" strips to make a fun and quick quilt. many of us have 5" squares and 2 1/2" strips these days, some leftover and some deliciously co-ordinated! This quilt shows one of the many ways to use some up! There is a pattern for Sashed Strips using 5" squares here. [youtube]

Registration for What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015 is closing soon!

I am so thrilled by the response to the What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015, people from all over the world have been registering! There is still an opportunity for more investigators on this mystery, the registrations close at the end of April. I have been getting all the boxes ready, we are going to have some fun! If you aren't familiar with the Mystery, there is a video here and Registration information: if you live in New Zealand, you can Register here if you live in Australia, you can register here if you live in any other part of the world, you can register here

What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015

This video introduces the What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015. [youtube] "What's in the box Mystery Quilt Event 2015": Announcing...... The inaugural, the mysterious, the delicious, the amazing.......! What's in the Box Mystery Quilt Event 2015 with the GourmetQuilter. "What is it?" - it is an opportunity to participate in an on-line fun filled mystery quilt that you make yourself. "Who can participate?" - you can, wherever you are in the world! "How can I participate?" - there will be opportunity to register in April 2015, yes there will be a fee, and following your registration, a box will be sent out to you in May 2015. "When can I sign up?" - right here and now, there are a few options depending on where you are and whether you would like to register only or purchase some, or all, of the fabrics suggested. See the links below. You may have gathered by now that there is a Mystery to be Solved! To be part of the detective team you will need to register, with payment, during the month of April 2015, then in early May 2015 "The Box" will be mailed out to you, wherever you are in the world! The Mystery will be solved during the month of June 2015 via 8 emailed clues. There will be some occasions where you will need to report in with some of your results in order to collect the next clue, so keep an eye on things...! There will be Facebook Group page for registrants so that you can chat and share aspects of the mystery as you go. We ask that you don't post photos etc anywhere else on the internet, including personal blogs, Facebook etc until the mystery is solved. We thank you for your co-operation in this and know that you will understand the need to keep the mystery findings under wraps until the mystery is solved. Participation in the "What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015" requires a once only registration payment. "The Box" that is mailed out will have information on fabric requirements and other useful, and necessary, items that will help solve this mystery. Registration has been set up to include the mailing out of The Box, because of this there will be different requirements for postage, so to simplify things we have set up 3 different regions - New Zealand, Australia and World Wide. As well as that we have added a couple of options to include some, or all, of the fabrics suggested for the quilt top. Fabrics suggested are Kona Solids by Robert Kaufman, or Batiks by Hoffman and the thread we are using is by Aurifil. There is, of course, no obligation for you to use these fabrics, however we have tested them and know they work!

Below are the various options for registering for the What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015 if you live anywhere in the world other than Australia or New Zealand. To register simply click on your preferred option and follow the instructions.

If you live in Australia then please click here.

If you live in New Zealand please click here.

If you live anywhere else in the world please click here.

How to use up some Left-Over 5 inch squares - Quilting Tips & Techniques 179

This video shows how to use up some of those left-over 5 inch squares. We seem to accumulate left-overs, let's use some of them up!     [youtube]

How to use delicious leftovers to make a Floating 4-patch block - Quilting Tips & Techniques 177

This video shows how to use up some leftover fabrics, 2 1/2" and 5" squares, to make a Floating 4-patch block that measures 7" and finishes at 6 1/2" square. This makes a delicious scrappy quilt! [youtube]

More Quilting in the Garden!

Whilst I have been busy preparing for the pop-up shop, opening soon, I thought a few more quilts in the garden would be good! image   image image   image

Happy New Year

Well it seems that 2015 is well under way already! Hoping that the year brings good things into your life. I have been taking pictures of my quilts in the garden, so here are some of them. I hope to continue posting pics, as well as doing more video Quilting Tips & Techniques, so I am managing to keep myself busy! We are back in New Zealand and enjoying the summer.  Starting next week I have rented a small shipping container on the waterfront in Wellington so will be spending a lot of my time there, so if you are in Wellington please come and say Hi, I will be on Taranaki Wharf. Quilts in the Garden! image        image image        image

How to make Zippered Pouches using 10" squares - Quilting Tips & Techniques 175

This video shows how to use some 10" squares of fabric, and batting, to make zippered pouches, with some variations on a theme! see also: Quilting Tips & Techniques 095 - How to make Paper Bag Corners: A pattern for the pouches is available on: [youtube]

How to use an Applique Mat for Fusible Applique - Quilting Tips & Techniques 174

Well, another Christmas is in the past, hoping everyone is having a good time over this holiday season. We had a delicious time with family including our little 2 year old grandson, a lovely time on the beach and also riding round the garden on his new bike! So now I am busy planning next year, so many things to do, so little time! This video shows how to use an applique mat (or Teflon sheet) to assemble small parts for fusible applique. The technique has been shown on one of my patterns, That Japanese Doll Quilt, which is available to purchase and download from my website Here is the link: [youtube]

How to make an "Up-Size" Star Quilt - Quilting Tips & Techniques 173

This video shows how to deliciously "up-size" an 8" star block into a one block quilt where the block measures 56", quite an up-size! Here we show you how to cut and sew larger pieces of fabric. Using 8 x fat 1/4" and 2 1/8 yards background fabric. [youtube]

How to Stitch Bias Binding on to a Scallop Edged Quilt - Quilting Tips & Techniques 172

This video shows how to stitch a bias binding on to a scallop edged quilt. Related videos: Quilting Tips & Techniques 170, how to mark scallops Quilting Tips & Techniques 171 how to measure, cut & make bias binding. [youtube]

How to Measure, Cut & Make Bias Binding for a Quilt - Quilting Tips & Techniques 171

This video show how to measure your quilt and to work out how much fabric you will need to cut and make bias binding for a quilt with wavy or scalloped edges. [youtube]

How to mark and cut scallops on a quilt border - Quilting Tips & Techniques 170

This video shows how to mark a quilt top with scallops and cut the edges of a quilt to have a scalloped edge. [youtube]

How to add more than one quilt border with Mitred Corners – Quilting Tips & Techniques 169

This video shows how to add multiple borders to a quilt with mitred corners. [youtube]

How to Mitre the corners on a Quilt Border - Quilting Tips & Techniques 168

This video shows how to add a single border to a quilt with mitred corners. [youtube]