Block of the Day 2019 - Skitch a Day

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A new Block of the Day for 2019! A small pictorial applique each day set on a vertical strip. Fused and free-motion stitched, these little "skitches" are fun and quick to do. To add a little more interest we will be using some Inktense pencils by Derwent to add some subtle shading and colour effects.

The Block of the Day 2019 - Skitch a Day - will start early January 2019 and continue throughout the year. Each week there will be an email sent with a download link to download the patterns for 7 "skitches".

The quilt will be put together in horizontal rows per month, then joined together by row, quilt as you go.

The sample shown is just a small sample just now - more to follow soon!

The fabrics used are 2 1/2" wide strips for both the background and applique, the fabrics shown are Hoffman Bali Poppies (packs of 20 x  2 1/2" wide strips), lighter neutrals for the backgrounds and colours for the applique. A grey colour will be used for the joining strips.

For those interested, there will be a Facebook group available to join if you sign up to receive the patterns - come join in the chat and fun together.

At this stage, the sample is still in progress so more information will follow soon.

There is a video with some more information here:


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