What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015

This video introduces the What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQfO9gMcYUQ] "What's in the box Mystery Quilt Event 2015": Announcing...... The inaugural, the mysterious, the delicious, the amazing.......! What's in the Box Mystery Quilt Event 2015 with the GourmetQuilter. "What is it?" - it is an opportunity to participate in an on-line fun filled mystery quilt that you make yourself. "Who can participate?" - you can, wherever you are in the world! "How can I participate?" - there will be opportunity to register in April 2015, yes there will be a fee, and following your registration, a box will be sent out to you in May 2015. "When can I sign up?" - right here and now, there are a few options depending on where you are and whether you would like to register only or purchase some, or all, of the fabrics suggested. See the links below. You may have gathered by now that there is a Mystery to be Solved! To be part of the detective team you will need to register, with payment, during the month of April 2015, then in early May 2015 "The Box" will be mailed out to you, wherever you are in the world! The Mystery will be solved during the month of June 2015 via 8 emailed clues. There will be some occasions where you will need to report in with some of your results in order to collect the next clue, so keep an eye on things...! There will be Facebook Group page for registrants so that you can chat and share aspects of the mystery as you go. We ask that you don't post photos etc anywhere else on the internet, including personal blogs, Facebook etc until the mystery is solved. We thank you for your co-operation in this and know that you will understand the need to keep the mystery findings under wraps until the mystery is solved. Participation in the "What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015" requires a once only registration payment. "The Box" that is mailed out will have information on fabric requirements and other useful, and necessary, items that will help solve this mystery. Registration has been set up to include the mailing out of The Box, because of this there will be different requirements for postage, so to simplify things we have set up 3 different regions - New Zealand, Australia and World Wide. As well as that we have added a couple of options to include some, or all, of the fabrics suggested for the quilt top. Fabrics suggested are Kona Solids by Robert Kaufman, or Batiks by Hoffman and the thread we are using is by Aurifil. There is, of course, no obligation for you to use these fabrics, however we have tested them and know they work!

Below are the various options for registering for the What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015 if you live anywhere in the world other than Australia or New Zealand. To register simply click on your preferred option and follow the instructions.

If you live in Australia then please click here.

If you live in New Zealand please click here.

If you live anywhere else in the world please click here.

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