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Join an enthusiastic community of creative quilters from around the world, just like you!

I founded GourmetQuilter.School (GQS) after countless conversations with quilters worldwide. What I found is that many people are craving a space where quilt-making fun and creativity are encouraged and celebrated.

Just as I have drawn inspiration from quilters near and far, my mission with GQS is to foster new connections and inspire you on your own distinctive path.

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GourmetQuilter.School (GQS) Membership

Remember the thrill of school? Whether you were the class clown, the quiet genius, or the social butterfly, GQS brings back that excitement—minus the homework! This new online venture promises to be a haven for creativity, learning, and laughter. And yes, I confess, I was perhaps a bit of the mischievous creative thinker back in my school days!

What's in Store for You:

  • Exclusive Founding Member Pricing: Secure your spot at a special rate available only to our founding members. This is your chance to be part of something groundbreaking at the best possible price.

  • Rich Content Library: Dive into a growing collection of video tutorials, patterns, and quilting wisdom curated for every skill level.

  • Quilt Book Club: Join discussions on our favorite quilting books, sharing insights, inspiration, and maybe discovering your next quilting project.

  • ChitterChatter Space: A community forum for you to connect, share, and learn from fellow quilters across the globe.

  • Field Trip Challenges: Show off your quilts in unique settings and participate in creative challenges that inspire and delight.

  • Monthly Quilt Block: Engage with a new block each month, expanding your skills and contributing to a collective GQS masterpiece.

  • Quizzes & Fun: From lighthearted quizzes to engaging activities, there's always something to keep the joy of quilting alive.

  • A Global Quilting Circle: More than just a membership, it's a chance to forge lasting friendships with quilters worldwide, with me, SusanClaire, joining in on the fun!

We're Just Getting Started

As GQS takes shape, we're eager to hear from you. Your feedback is invaluable as we craft a quilting community that reflects your desires and dreams. Share your thoughts on what makes a quilting community special at Contact Us.

A Little About Me, SusanClaire:

I'm a quilt fabric and pattern designer, YouTuber, and author, residing in the beautiful landscape of New Zealand. Quilting has been my lifelong passion, and I'm excited about transforming a newly built barn into my dream quilting studio. Travel and quilting are my two loves, and I'm thrilled to bring these worlds together through GQS.

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Be part of a community that's as passionate about quilting as you are. Let's chat, share, and grow together in the world of quilting.

Join GQS and embark on this exciting journey with me, SusanClaire.

I am thrilled to be able to offer a membership for quilters - we just love to chat and share. I learn so much from others, so let's do this together.

We're doing periodic intakes so we're able onboard new members in groups. Please join the waitlist to find out when we're doing the next intake!

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See you soon,

SusanClaire, The Gourmet Quilter