Life on the canal in London.

We are getting better organised and learning how to pace ourselves with this new lifestyle here on the canal in London. I have been on the lookout for quilting fabrics whilst walking around all sorts of streets that normally I would't see if travelling by car or bus etc. I have seen many things, but not a lot of quilting fabric! Although I have found some delicious fabrics! We have walked and walked, been to markets where all different kinds of food are available, it is all so interesting. The different architecture is fascinating with some very old buildings that we simply don't see in New Zealand.

So, I thought a quick glimpse into the canal life was in order:

A winter morning

A misty winter morning on the canal.

A lock gate operation

Working the locks, not always an easy task, and guess who gets to steer the boat? and who gets to do all the physical stuff??

A lock crossing


Sometimes a bit precarious!

Always plenty of admirers!

A lot of admirers

Inside - the bedroom

A bedroom

Inside - the bathroom

A batthroom

The rewards at the end of the day!

A reward at the end


So you can see that I am doing pretty well with the stitching situation! We have a great little coal/wood burner that keeps us snug and warm!


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