GourmetQuilter.School Membership

GourmetQuilter.School Membership

How fun to be back at school - were you the naughty one? or the geek of the class? or just happy to be there making friends and maybe even learning a thing or two! I have to say, I think I was the naughty one! Very creative thinker!!

This is a new on-line venture with GourmetQuilter and will open soon.

We will be opening up the membership at an all-time low price for the founding members (the price will increase at the next opening). The founding members will find plenty to do inside, but there is more to come.......

Inside the membership will be no pressure but plenty to do:

A growing library of videos and content

A ChitterChatter space where you can chat to each other in the community

Support and encouragement from fellow quilters

Field Trip Challenges - an opportunity to share photographs of your quilts in unique environments

Maybe a quiz here and there

A block of the month

- generally a place for friendships to be made with quilters from all around the globe with the GourmetQuilter hanging out there too! How delicious!

As this is still in the developmental stage, please bear with us as we get going. We will let you know more through our email newsletter.

As this is still being developed, we are keen to hear from you about what you would like to see included in a membership community of quilters? Please let us know here: https://www.gourmetquilter.com/pages/contact

A little about the GourmetQuilter:

Hi, I am a quilt fabric/quilt pattern designer, also YouTuber, author, living in New Zealand.

I have been quiltmaking for many years and basically love to sew pretty much anything. Travel is one of my favourite things to do and I am currently having a barn built to use as a studio - can't wait!

I am thrilled to be able to offer a membership for quilters - we just love to chat and share. I learn so much from others, so let's do this together.

See you soon, SusanClaire.

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