What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015

This video introduces the What's in the Box Mystery Quilt 2015. [youtube] "What's in the box Mystery Quilt Event 2015": Announcing...... The inaugural, the mysterious, the delicious, the amazing.......! What's in the Box Mystery Quilt Event 2015 with the...

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Happy New Year

Well it seems that 2015 is well under way already! Hoping that the year brings good things into your life. I have been taking pictures of my quilts in the garden, so here are some of them. I hope to...

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The Oakshott Colourshott Bundle Blog Hop

I am thrilled to be taking part in the Oakshott Colourshott Bundle Blog Hop! I will be the last on the list but do go and have a look at what everyone is doing with these delicious fabrics! We have...

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